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A blog about everything that has to do with sleep paralysis and my own experience with it.

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I hear sounds during the sleep paralysis. This is what it sounds like.

That’s pretty accurate! Why do a lot of people hear that anyway? I’m so glad I’m not one of those who hear dog barks though :D

WAKE UP: I'm here to talk to you about Sleep Paralysis.

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It sucks.

It really bloody sucks.

Sleep Paralysis, from my experiences and the knowledge of Google, is when you awake in the middle of a dream, your body is frozen and unable to move and you can still see parts of your dream around you.

This is fine if it’s a good dream. Not so good if it is a bad one.

My experiences have all been bad dreams.

It started about 2 months ago when I was studying abroad but it still continued to happen when I came back to the USofA. 

Now, I have a record of 3 continuous sleeps being disrupted by Sleep Paralysis and the fear that ensues after them.

I’m actually really nervous about trying to sleep tonight. Figures.

Any advice would be appreciated.

hmm.. when I have sleep paralysis I close my eyes and keep them shut (not sure if everyone can) and think of something silly like “How I Met Your Mother” (I would avoid cartoons, as they can turn really creepy when you are in a scared mood). Some people prefer to keep calm and slowly move their fingers and toes until they wake up. Others, like to enjoy the experience and move around the room (see “astral projection”). You’ll have to figure out what works best for you :D also, tips for avoiding SP: don’t sleep on your back, don’t go to bed stressed out or frustated (drink warm milk or something to keep calm) and when you feel you’re getting it get up and walk a little, etc… DON’T go right back to sleep after you had sleep paralysis as it may happen again :S Good luck!

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Gabriel Bruce ~ Sleep Paralysis

Amazing this guy!

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Shit my pants last night. 

I was falling asleep and I heard this vivd voice say something about a dress to me. Didn’t recognise the voice or anything, but it’s not the first time I’ve heard a vivid voice, as if someone is standing over me or in my room, before drifting off to sleep. 

Has this happened to anyone else?

It’s kind of scary….

Sometimes (well, it has only happened 2 or 3 times) when I’m falling asleep I hear a woman calling (more like whispering loudly) my name just like in the movies, it’s probably the same reason behind sleep paralysis. haha going to sleep is a big adventure for me D:

i had really bad sleep paralysis last night

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i usually dont see anything scary but this morning a tall dark figure was standing over me trying to shake me. i had to scream at it (in my head) and told it to leave me alone. it dissappeared and then i passed out.

I’ve never heard of people passing out after sleep paralysis! I do get really tired, so tired that my eyes hurt and my body is heavy but passing out would be really scary..

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Hypnagogia is the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep.

This piece is based upon the idea of sleep paralysis, dreams/nightmares and the unconscious.
I have been interested in Psychology, especially dreams, since studying it at A level, but I only discovered the condition of Sleep paralysis recently. My partner experiences sleep paralysis fairly frequently and after carrying out a lot of research into it, I felt that it could be an engaging subject to work with.

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jaccolina: WebMD to the Rescue!

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Some possible causes of sleep paralysis:

  • a lack of sleep
  • a sleep schedule that changes
  • mental conditions such as stress or bipolar disorder
  • sleeping on the back
  • other sleep problems such as narcolepsy or nighttime leg cramps
  • use of certain medications
  • substance abuse

Slept 4-10am…

Great info! Weird because I DO have Bipolar Disorder! I KNEW it had to do something with that :0 !

Sleep Paralysis and OBE’s

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Does anyone have any advice/tactics/techniques that can be used to convert sleep paralysis into an out-of-body experience/astral projection?

Or at least a step-by-step information on how to astral project after entering sleep paralysis?

Hi! The last times I’ve had sleep paralysis and tried to stand up, it felt like I was away from my body but I could barely walk, it was really deseparating. Whenever that happens now I shut my eyes close and then it feels like I hit the bed and start rotating on it, it’s really freaky and scary! Lately I’ve been too scared to try anything but when I’m confident with the sleep paralysis again (I don’t really like to have it anymore) I’ll try to astral project voluntarily (and more calmly) and post the results…

If it works for you it would be cool if you shared your experiece in my Blog ^^

never want to sleep again

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last night i got sleep paralysis three times in a row. omg it was horrible. and on the third time i felt someone pull the covers up and get into bed with me. and then they whispered hello along with some other demonically incoherent words. and his/her/its breath was really hot. it lasted for ages as well, that’s the longest it’s ever been and by far the scariest. someone help me :-(

I’m sorry that happened to you, it’s a horrible feeling but you’re not alone :D

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while but I have these weird mood swings sometimes D: !

I’m not gonna lie, lately sleep paralysis creeps the s*** out of me… For a while I wasn’t scared of it at all. When it happened it was just like: oh.. sleep paralysis.. meh, it’s gonna go away soon.

But now recently I’m really scared of it happening again because of the last experiences I’ve had (I’ll talk about them in another post). I’ve been sleeping in a REALLY uncomfortable position so my body doesn’t turn on it’s back while I’m sleeping -.-

"hi! i've been experiencing sleep paralysis too for this past few weeks. like everyone else i can't move, scream or do anything. but i just want to talk to someone who's been experiencing this too. =)"

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Sorry I haven’t used Tumblr for a while and was unable to answer sooner, sometimes I need a break :D How have you been doing? Sleep Paralysis can be pretty scary, but if you know why it’s happening and how to control it a little it turns really interesting! If you want to share your experience just submit it in my Blog, I love hearing what others see, feel or do in this situation. Lots of love :D!

This experience was submitted by bridgebunny :

The first time I had it was is 8th grade. It came with a hallucination of the rotting baby head thing. I has thought I was been attacked by a demon or something. Needless to say, I was really, really scared. 

The second time was ninth grade. I dreamed of a purple mist and when I opened my eyes, it was still there. I once again couldn’t move, so I cried in my thoughts for it to stop and go away. I asked an adult about it, they said it was just a dream.

Two months ago it happened twice in the same night. “It’ll go away” I told myself. At least this time there was no hallucination. 

Once again, it happened twice last night. After the first I prayed that would be the end, but it wasn’t. I felt so hopeless and out of control. The panic I feel during the events is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I’m really scared. At least there was no hallucination this time… 

.....: Lucid dreaming/astral projection/sleep paralysis

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So last night something happened to me that I am not unfamiliar with, however I’m not very fond of. It started out as a dream where I was back in my bed in Tucson. I dreamt that I needed to get out of bed and check my schedule for next semester (for whatever reason). I tried to get out of bed…

never, never, NEVER fall right back to sleep after a sleep paralysis or it will repeat! When you wake up from the sleep paralysis wait until you’re completely awaken, lay on your side and try to sleep only after you are FULLY awaken and not sleepy. Last time I didn’t follow this advice because my whole body felt very numb and I had 3 sleep paralysis in a night. Horrible. #LFMF


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